How We Set Out?

The clothes cabinet opens and there’s the question “what am I going to wear today” as usual…

The same routine every morning!

Here we are as the solution to this problem! 🙂

We have established the White & Simple brand to provide a solution to the problem of not being able to find the most worn “basic product” in our daily lives which is so hard to find and the expensiveness of products that are available in all seasons.

Although the demanded textile product is such a simple piece, its rareness was seriously exhausting! Hereupon, we have brought the WHITE AND SIMPLE brand to life, with which we can appeal to all segments including women, men, teenagers and seniors. We also decided to offer this product for sale as the most life saver piece of your closet which you can wear anytime & anywhere as the name suggests.

Discover Basic Clothing Fashion with WHITE AND SIMPLE Quality

When we went shopping to get what we needed, the products we were going to buy had either a writing, a flower or a motif on, and it wasn’t a piece we wanted to wear at that moment. The only thing we wanted was to follow in the minimalistic trend where simplicity and elegance come to the fore by getting rid of all the excess. Our most important thought was to be “as is” without drowning too much in details. We are currently offering you altogether the quality, simplicity, elegance, comfort and the feeling of looking the same while feeling different.

We will have the chance to make great combinations with our products altogether. Wear whatever you want under it, either put a jacket, a shirt, your coat on or a scarf around your neck as the worst scenario. And you’re ready!

What Do We Have?

Our product range aims to improve day by day as in the shape of Basic Women and Menswear products. We are progressing with a team that handles the preparation and production processes of the products with great care and that does not give up until they find the best through trials.

What Do We Pay Attention To?

A new outfit can make you feel a little different every day. It is very important that the fabric of the product is gentle and comfortable. For example, it is better to pay special attention to clothes that do not scratch your skin and that allow it to breathe sufficiently. For products such as t-shirts or underwear that are in direct contact with your skin, it is important that the product you prefer is made of natural and gentle raw materials such as cotton.

What Do We Aim?

Quality Preparation Process was the most important thing for us. We aim to bring a different dimension to clothing by offering high-quality product alternatives with continuity. And we’re so excited… When carrying minimalistic fashion to our cabinets, it is necessary to give priority to pieces that have forms close to natural. We will always make sure to be the most guaranteed, the most life saver and the most elegant.

White & Simple is a brand of “Stil Giyim”.